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Date: 27th October 2016
FT-821 Series Ultra-Light Weight Competition Pet Table
FT-821 Series Ultra-Light Weight Competition Pet TableThe oxidizing treatment of our custom colors remain vibrant. Numerous color options available, purple, pink, blue, and silver.Skid-proof, comfortable surface texture is soothing to both dogs and handlers.Ultra-light only 3.7kg (8.2lbs), allowing junior handlers to transport their own ringside tables.Aluminum, long lasting; the perfect product for dog shows.Big enough to hold most medium breed dogs while they?re being primped for the ring.Simple two step folding process, pull it apart and it folds down for easy carrying.FT-821HL 90cm?60cm (36?L?24?W) Large Size. Just added into this series,Suits large breeds like Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky.ITEMN.W.G.W.DimensionVolume(kg)(kg)W?D?H (cm)W?D?H (inch)Fold(cm)Package(cm)(cbm)FT-821H3.74.260?45?8123?17?3189?45?7H92?50?8H0.036FT-821HM4.85.375?50?7629?19?2997?50?7H92?53?8H0.039FT-821HL67.390?60?7835?23?3097?50?7H92?93?7H0.06